NippleBull. High-quality nipple pumping cylinders.


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"The Mercedes of nipple pumping cylinders - luxurious and elegant!"
Shawn Beefpiebear Smith


A new experience. NippleBull cylinders are extraordinary, high-quality, durable, beautiful as a piece of jewelry and very effective.


Admire unique and fascinating details and handcrafted perfection. The best materials and impressive precision will guarantee long lasting joy and magical effects.


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Eine neue Erfahrung. NippleBull Zylinder sind aussergewöhnlich, hochwertig, langlebig, schön wie ein Schmuckstück und sehr effektiv.


Bewundere die einzigartigen und faszinierenden Details und die handwerkliche Perfektion. Die besten Materialien und beeindruckende Präzision garantieren langanhaltende Freude und magische Effekte.


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Una nueva experiencia. Los cilindros NippleBull son extraordinarias, de alta calidad, durable, hermosa como una joya y muy eficaz.


Admira los detalles únicos y fascinantes y la perfección artesanal. Los mejores materiales y una precisión impresionante garantiza tus alegría duradera y efectos mágicos.


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New Experience

We have tested all available nipple cylinders. Some are good, some are better. But you will feel the difference when you enlarge your nipples with our NippleBull cylinders.


Our motivation is simple. We want to design the best possible nipple cylinders. Thick and durable materials, handcrafted perfection and fascinating details make a big difference.

High Quality

Have you ever dropped cylinders? Then you'll know how easily they'll break. Not so with NippleBull cylinders. The extra thick acrylic and three outside o-rings will protect your investment.


Just hold a NippleBull cylinder in your hand and you'll want to play with it for a long time. The unique choice of materials and the handcrafted perfection make them beautiful as a piece of jewelry.


Your friends will be jealous and will ask about your new toys. NippleBull cylinder are like nothing on the market and totally unique. Ask us and we can even build a pair with your personalized colors.


NippleBull pump cylinders are not only beautiful they are also very effective. We choose the available sizes and lengths carefully and the screw threads are cut with perfection to avoid leakage.